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If you think about meditation, what comes into your mind? Do you imagine sitting down cross legged on the floor, palms up, and eyes closed? Add some lighted candles in the scene and it would look like a voodoo thing to me.

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That scene is not entirely untrue of meditation, but it is not necessary either. Before we conjure up images of ourselves meditating, we have to understand first what it really is and what its benefits are.

Meditation is merely conscious relaxation. It is a process which involves the mind to achieve a state of serenity or bliss. This may sound like someone being sedated. Actually it does. Meditation is a deeper form of concentration. If we are to give a concrete way to illustrate it, let’s use water as the example. If you start pouring water from the pitcher to a glass, the first few drops would be considered “concentration”, however a steady flow is obtained after that which is likened to “meditation”. The unsteady first drops and the small splash they make are considered the distractions in concentration. A deeper state, which is the steady flow in the example, characterizes meditation. Thus, it clearly frees the mind from any “clutter” and distractions.

Stress has always been one of the reasons that people are resorting to meditation. A lot of unpleasant consequences have resulted in one’s inability to cope up with stress. Some have found solace in taking “calming” medications or pills to temporarily get rid of these thought s and feelings. But unfortunately, these only provide fleeting relief. After the medicines wear off, it is back to the pit again. Unless you try to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings with your mind, it will always succeed in getting the better of you.

So how do you go about meditation? It is simpler than people thought it to be. You only find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, relax your emotions and concentrate on an object to meditate on. It is important to just think of a single object and concentrate on it. Some distractions like other objects will come into focus. Drive your mind away from those. They will only break your concentration. You can still hear the sound around you, but when you’re deep in thought about your object of meditation, even those will not disturb you.

Daily meditation is advisable. If you have a strong commitment and conviction for it, you will achieve a very unique feeling of being able to “leave the moment”. People who have been through this will tell you that it is a feeling of utter bliss where the mind is clear and clean.