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If you’ve ever been anxious before, you’ll know without my saying so how exhausting it really is. Anxiety takes a large chunk of the time you would spend living your life and turns it into a paralyzing miserable unbearable existence. Worry constantly floods your mind, taking the things you once enjoyed and leaving you with fear that you will no longer enjoy them. That fear blossoms into an inability to sleep. Once you’ve reached the point where you are having trouble sleeping, that anxiety has turned into a cycle that is difficult to escape from. You spend your days exhausted and your nights worrying about whether you will ever sleep again. During those days of exhaustion, you are confronted with ordinary circumstances that leave you feeling even more drained. The average aggravations: working, traveling, chores, just seems like too much trouble. You promise yourself you will confront those things after you get some rest, but to no avail. There is rarely a chance to rest because you lay in bed concerned over the events of the previous day. Anxiety becomes a companion we never asked for and don’t want, always nearby waiting to jump in and make us feel even worse. If you’re feeling like all you do is worry and wondering if you will ever get your life back, you are ready to kick that anxiety to the curb, and there’s a product you might consider to give you a hand with it: CBD oil.

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What is CBD oil? Learn more here!


Cannabinoid oil, otherwise known as CBD, is an extraction of oils from the marijuana or hemp plant. Don’t worry, you won’t be behaving like Cheech & Chong: CBD oil contains little to no THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana that gives you its well known high. CBD oils have made international headlines because they offer a solution to many people who have found that traditional medicine had failed them, most famously a young epileptic girl named Charlotte. After suffering many years with seizures that threatened not only her ability to live a normal life but to have a life at all, Charlotte was given CBD oil and got her life back. The seizures have greatly subsided, and she and her family have been given a new lease on life. CBD oil is still being researched, but it has been stated that it is good for many physical and mental ailments that plague our everyday existence. Cbd oil has been cited as able to relieve the symptoms of cancer, diabetes, PTSD, depression, and yes, even anxiety. Patients who have taken the oils have gone from hopeless to hopeful, and you can too.


How does it work?


Did you know that your brain is hard-wired to respond to cannabis? There is actually a whole system in your body that contains cannabinoid receptors. Those cannabinoid receptors are responsible for relieving many of the conditions we deal with on a regular basis, such as fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrome. Those systems, when activated by using CBD oil, can make a dramatic difference in the way our lives play out, from misery to satisfaction again. That’s right, your body produces its very own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, and various conditions cause your body to produce enzymes that destroy your body’s natural cannabinoids. Using CBD oil helps your body to reduce those enzymes and bring your body back into balance, therefore helping to reduce the symptoms of various illnesses that cause chronic pain and various other conditions. CBD oil allows your body to bring many of the systems that use your own naturally produced endocannabinoids to come back into balance.


How do you take it?


CBD oil has made quite a splash in the market, mainly because it is not bound by many of the rules and regulations that marijuana usage is restricted by. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil is legal in the vast majority of states in the US. That means you get your relief without the concern of breaking the law. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to CBD oil consumption. That means you will have at your disposal the ability to use vape oils, creams, tinctures, lotions and patches to begin seeing relief from the health conditions CBD is believed to provide support for. Your only limitations are your own preferences.


Reduction in anxiety


Since we already know that our anxiety can be reduced by using CBD oil, let’s get down to the business of what it will reduce for you. CBD oil has the ability to have a positive effect on the amygdala, the part of the brain that helps your body to regulate its fight or flight responses. This portion of the brain is often responsible for the stress, panic, and worry that your body is experiencing when anxiety takes hold. As these misplaced signals begin to reduce, you will find a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety. That means you will be able to live your life free of panic attacks, sleep better, and overall improve your feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety.


People who live their lives with anxiety can tell you that it is not a picnic. From the moment that anxiety enters your life, you will find that you are gripped with a sense of impending doom that hovers over your entire life, leaving you without the ability to enjoy the things that you are used to. Traumatic experiences leave your brain hypervigilant and looking always for danger. If you have experienced these issues and find that your brain is resistant to treatment by traditional medications or that the side effects of these medications keep you from living your best life, you will find that you are desperate for a solution. Thanks to a reemergence in the use of marijuana we are finding that there is a simple, low side effect solution to our problems. If you are suffering from anxiety and you are at your wit’s end to begin reclaiming your life, you absolutely should consider giving CBD oil a try. You could be a few puffs away from changing your life for the better once and for all.