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If you’re not in the habit of daily meditation maybe you need some reasons to do it. The thing about meditation is that it’s not really “airy fairy” folklore. There are scientific studies to support the fact that daily meditation is beneficial to your health. When you know that something is good for you, simple to do, and makes you feel better you’re more likely to do it. So, let’s go over some of the health benefits of daily meditation.

Experience Lower Blood Pressure

According to Webmd.com, you can often treat high blood pressure naturally via diet and meditation. High blood pressure can lead to serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. There are over 600 studies that show that meditation is helpful as a treatment and a preventative measure for high blood pressure.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

A study completed at Harvard by Dr. Herbert Benson shows that adding meditation as part of any treatment to help reduce anxiety or stress will make a huge difference in the amount of anxiety or stress reported by the patient.  In fact, by using certain techniques you can fight stress and anxiety as it’s occurring by recalling your feelings during your meditation practice by focusing on your breathing.

Get Fewer Headaches

Research conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center showed that a regular meditation practice can lead to fewer and less severe headaches. The reason is that when you meditate you learn mind-body awareness that enables you to relax the muscles that generally tense up before and during the onset of a headache. Even migraine sufferers can benefit from daily meditation.

Reduce Respiratory Problems

Often lung issues are due to capacity issues. When you meditate, you focus your attention on your breathing technique. When you ensure that you’re breathing properly, and evenly, with your diaphragm, you can improve lung health tremendously.

Sleep Better

When you reduce your daily stress through meditation you’ll find that you tend to sleep better. One reason is that you train your mind to focus in on what you want to happen. You can use meditation techniques such as body awareness, breath awareness, and focusing on falling asleep even after a hard day.

Improve Your Skin

It may seem like science fiction but it’s not. Learning to breath better, therefore getting more oxygen, and then sleeping better at night due to less stress will improve your skin. The reason is that when you sleep better your body has more time to regenerate and heal itself. When you have less stress your body releases fewer stress hormones like cortisol as well which can further improve your skin.

Experience Fewer Cognitive Issues

As we age we almost expect to have less memory recall. But, for most people, this doesn’t have to be true. Most people can improve their cognitive function by using daily meditation to help relax your mind and body making you a lot quicker on your feet later.

Reduce Hormone Related Issues

Again, stress and everyday life cause your body to release different hormones to deal with different types of issues. Your body is always releasing hormones to try to stay balanced. Sometimes it gets carried away. When you incorporate a daily meditation practice into your life you’ll find that your hormones are more balanced because you are generally more balanced overall.

Every one of these health benefits of daily meditation can be proved by one of the thousands of studies that have been done on meditation. You can learn more about the studies at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.