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Get Rid of Negative Thoughts for Good

It used to bother me being around negative people, now it just breaks my heart. Living in a world of negativity robs you of living a life filled with joy and happiness. Why do that to yourself? This kind of thinking can have a lasting impact in every aspect of your life.

Negative thinking STOPS you:

  • From trying new things
  • From experiencing the joys of living
  • From reaching your full potential
  • From meeting new people

Negative thinking CAUSES:

  • Low energy levels
  • Poor emotional health and wellness
  • Loss of friendships and relationships
  • Distorted thinking and a flawed perception of reality
  • Depression and anxiety

If you can recognize your tendency for negative thinking then you can overcome it; but it’s not easy. You’ve spent years training your brain and belief system to operate a certain way. It could take some time to make a lasting change however, with a commitment to happiness and fulfillment I know you can do it! I want to help you get rid of those negative thoughts for good.

  1. Practice daily affirmations. What is it you would like to believe about yourself, the world around you or the people in your life? Create positive messages and revisit them every single day. I highly recommend saying them out loud, speaking slowly and clearly; repeat 3 or 4 times. Over time you will start to believe it.


  1. Express gratitude. This one can be tough, especially on days when you aren’t ‘feeling it’. Do it anyway! Whether you write it down, start a gratitude journal, post to Facebook or in a group; whatever it takes, come up with three things every day to be thankful for. Be appreciative of the people in your life and the things you are blessed with rather than focus on the negative aspects. I’ll fill you in on a little secret; if you were born in America, you’ve got something to be grateful for. Those living in other countries have far less than we can even imagine.


  1. Giving back to others and helping those in need, will make you feel good, accomplished and easily help you appreciate all that this world has to offer. You might even develop new, positive friendships this way.


  1. Push past the thought. Deliberately question the negative thoughts that come up. Is this true? How is this helping me? Being able to question the validity of these thoughts will destroy the power they have over you. It’s an excellent exercise in overcoming negative thinking.


  1. Limit your interaction with negative people. It’s a proven fact that people will start to mimic those around them. If you find you’re more negative or just feel drained after hanging around someone, you quickly need to limit the time you spend with that person. Still love them but distance yourself until you’re in a better place. Some people are toxic; unfortunately it could be some of your friends.


  1. Spend more time in positive environments. Make it a point to do something you enjoy; relax and have fun. Creative spaces, nature enthusiasts, book clubs and support groups are a few examples of people and places that nurture a supporting positive environment.


  1. Keeping a journal can be a great outlet for coping with a disappointing past, grief or other struggles you are facing. It’s a way for you to ‘get it out’. You have to sometimes let it all go before you can build yourself up to the person you want to be. For those suffering from traumatic events, I strongly encourage you seek out a therapist or other trusted advisor or counselor; it’s important to get support during this critical time. Not everyone will be able to heal themselves and many suffer from PTSD and other anxiety disorders that require medical treatment.


  1. Reduce anxiety. When we are experiencing anxiety we tend to make poor choices and resort back to hurtful or negative behavior because those coping behaviors are more familiar to us. Regularly practice methods for reducing anxiety. Deep breathing, taking in the scenery, meditation or prayer can all help reduce tension and anxiety.


  1. Getting exercise can boost mood, build confidence and affect your physical health which all contribute to positive vibes and healthy, happy lifestyle.


  1. Practice self-care. Loving yourself is a critical step in loving the people and environment around you. Treat yourself to things, take much needed personal time for yourself and nurture yourself physically and emotionally. Listen to music you enjoy or take up a new hobby. Give in to the desire to do things that make you happy, you deserve it!


You don’t have to be held captive with negative thoughts. It’s a work in progress but in time you can have a wonderful, joy filled life. I’m wishing you nothing but success and happiness on your journey and sending positive vibes your way.