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Daylight savings time is here, and the trees are in bloom. Without fail this always sparks something in a mom’s mind. It’s time for spring cleaning!

Spring means opening the windows and getting down and dirty cleaning up all the winter dust and germs. Throwing away the old and getting organized. It’s important to remember when you’re cleaning up the house, to make sure we keep our earth clean too. There are easy ways to stay environmentally friendly and do a little eco-friendly spring cleaning at the same time. Check out 6 tips to eco-friendly spring cleaning.

6 tips to eco-friendly spring cleaning

1. Ditch the Paper Towels
Keep the waste out of the landfills and save yourself the money at the same time. Use reusable towels and washcloths when cleaning up this spring. Toss them in the wash with the rest of your laundry and use on your next clean.

2. Watch the chemicals
There are many great products on the market that have little to no chemicals and can get the job done well, if not better. Pay attention to the labels in the store. Just because it says natural, doesn’t always mean there are no chemicals. For truly chemical free, consider making your own cleaner with vinegar, water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

3. Use Less Water
Aside from saving on your water bill, conserving water has a huge impact on the environment as well. Start off with a dry mop to get up the bigger dirt. You’ll notice how clean the floors look right off the bat. You’ll find you’re using much less water when you go to use the wet mop.

4. Do an Energy Check
As you make your way through the house, do a check for electronics that are plugged in that you may not be using on a daily basis. Latte makers, toasters, old DVD players, rarely used lamps, etc. These things are going to drain electricity that’s unneeded. Simply plug them in when you actually use it.

5. Recycle to a New Home
It may seem easier to toss those old rugs, blankets, and partially broken toys, but you never know where they could find a good home. Donate items you want to toss instead of just putting them out for Monday’s trash! Better yet, check out some of the easy to use apps like LetGo or OfferUp and make a little extra pocket cash for summer vacation.

6. Avoid Commercial Air Fresheners
I love a good smelling home more than anyone, and who can resist a pretty packaged spray of blossoms? The problem with commercial air fresheners is they are always filled with chemicals that can cause harm long after the delicious smell has faded. Instead, try creating your own air fresheners by diffusing essential oils.

There are so many ways to keep our world clean while getting the house feeling fresh again. Do you have any favorite tips? We’d love to hear in the comments below!