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Eating a clean, unprocessed, plant-based diet has so many benefits it’s hard to list them in one short blog post. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of books and studies that prove everything stated here. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adopting a clean diet.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One key to knowing that something is processed is the packaging. If you reduce the amount of packaging you are buying by eating whole foods, you’ll greatly reduce your carbon footprint which is great for the environment.  Studies show that eating locally and eating mostly plant-based items reduces your carbon footprint more than other diets.

Improve Your Digestion

Eating a whole food plant based diet will improve your digestion greatly. The reason is that you’re eating more hydrating foods than when you eat processed food or meat. Avoid eating too many dried fruits and dried items on your plant-based journey though. For the most part, you can eat anything that is plant-based and unprocessed and know that you’re improving your digestion due to improving gut bacteria and hydrating your body.

Experience Better Health & Vitality

Food is the fuel that makes your body run efficiently. If you’re not giving it the right type of fuel you can sputter out and feel horrible. You can get sick and even die. Type II diabetes is on the rise in the USA and can literally be gone if more people adopted an unprocessed, clean, plant-based diet. What’s more, the energy you’ll experience when you’re fueling your body properly is unmatched.

Lose Weight Naturally

If you’re eating an unprocessed, plant-based diet, that is low in fat you can pretty much eat all you want to and you’ll naturally lose weight. You can eat a high volume of food too and it doesn’t have to be all salad. The trick is choosing foods that are dense in nutrition and dilute in calories such as sweet potatoes. You cannot physically eat enough steamed sweet potatoes to constitute over eating if you’re careful with the fat you put on them.

Have Clearer Skin

Many skin conditions can be traced to diet. Some conditions are hormonal, but diet also affects hormones. But, the main reason your skin looks better is you’re not consuming inflammatory products like dairy and you’re eating highly hydrating fruits and veggies. When you’re hydrated, your skin will look younger, brighter, and become less acne prone.

Experience Less Depression

When your diet focuses on nutrition and getting all the vitamins and minerals that you can, you’re going to feel happier. Studies show adopting a plant-based diet makes you feel better about yourself because you’re filling your life with food that is full of life and nutrients. Research conducted by Arizona State University showed that the lower the amount of meat in the diet the better people’s mood. For example, vegans reported being happier than pescetarians who reported being happier than meat eaters.

Reduce Inflammation

One of the biggest causes of disease is inflammation. When you have inflammation, you can get bad skin, body aches, arthritis and other issues. There are numerous studies that show that a low-fat plant-based (unprocessed), clean diet will help arthritis suffers by lowering their pain levels and even slowing the progression of the disease.

Sleep Better at Night

When your food digests faster, you feel more energetic, you tend to do more during the daylight hours. This will cause you to be a lot sleepier at night and experience a more restful sleep. When you rid your body of the chemicals in processed food you will naturally have fewer cravings too so no more waking up in the middle of the night for a snack. When you sleep better you feel better all day.

The awesome thing about eating clean is that you don’t have to be perfect. If you eat clean 80 to 90 percent of the time you’ll experience 100 percent of the benefits. Have you tried eating clean? If so what have your results been? Share your story below.