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One of the most common excuses we come up with is that we don’t have time.

We don’t have time to learn a second language.

We don’t have time to learn an instrument.

We don’t have time to write a book or start a blog.

But you do. Almost everyone does.

How much time are you spending watching tv or browsing social media?
Infographic: Millennials Rack Up 18 Hours of Media Use Per Day | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

How Much Do You Want It?

If you’re really interested in finding the time for something, a new habit, a side hustle… you need to want it?

Do you want it enough to cancel your Netflix subscription?

Do you want it enough to stop watching every season of House of Cards or Game of Thrones?

Don’t get me wrong. I love tv.

There’s a few shows that I binge watch or that I make sure to tune into but I’m extremely selective about it.

I stick to just 2 or 3 series. I keep the rest of my time for other projects… Because I’m committed to them.

That time in the evenings or on Saturday mornings in sacred to me.

Sports are another distraction that I used to easily give in to.

I wouldn’t just watch my favorite team play, I’d watch whatever game was on.

Now, like with my favorite tv series, I’m selective about the games I watch.

I’m too driven to spend my entire Saturday watching college football.

I used to. And I loved it. But now… When I think about the hours I spent, just lounging around…

If you have high expectations for your life, if you know you could be doing something more, you need to figure out what you can sacrifice for that cause.

How much time are you really spending on social media?

Browsing Facebook or Pinterest can seem harmless enough but if you kept track of the hours you were spending on social media, it could be quite surprising.

You might think you’re just spending ten or fifteen minutes but it quickly adds up.

Track Your Time

The easiest way to take back your days and find the time for new hobbies or side ventures is to track your time.

You can log your time using your phone.

I prefer pen and paper. You can carry a small notebook with you or take note in your planner of how each hour or 30 minute block was spent.

When you’ve done this for a week or two, the results can be alarming. I know it was for me the first time I did this exercise.

When you look at the time you’re spending on your phone or watching tv in black and white, you’ll see how much time you really have.

But only if you want to make that change.

Finding More Time in Your Day

Shower Learning

The thirty minutes or hour you spend getting ready in the morning in the shower and getting dressed could be used to learn something new or to listen to empowering audio.

A bluetooth speaker is an inexpensive investment. Stick it on the wall of your bathroom and listen to an audio book or youtube video while you’re getting ready to start your day.


While you’re cooking, take your bluetooth speaker into the kitchen and keep listening to that audiobook.

If you spend a half hour getting ready in the morning and a half hour cooking in the evening, that’s an extra hour that you could be listening to a language learning program or a how to book to learn a new skill.


If you’re traveling to and from work, again audio programs are a great way to spend that time.

Listening to the radio probably isn’t going to further your learning or self-development but spending that time listening to something that can help you grow will compound over time.


I like to carry a notebook with me everywhere, along with my Kindle.

Throughout the day, most people will find themselves waiting around whether it’s for the food they ordered or for an appointment.

Instead of taking out your phone and flicking through social media or news articles, you can spend that time thinking about your project or whatever it is that you’re working on or want to be working on.

Jot down some ideas. Work out your next step.

Those ten minutes here and there add up. If you’re spending those extra twenty or thirty minutes a day on learning a language or reading a book about something you want to do… You’re going to get there.

Capitalizing on that down time is key.

If you have goals and dreams, you do have the time to make it happen.

It’s just a matter of prioritizing and a little sacrifice.