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Your entire life depends on nature. You need nature for food, water, and air. But, outside of these important life-giving functions, you also need nature to help reduce depression, improve your senses, become more creative, build relationships and stay healthy. Everyone needs nature and if you’re not getting into nature enough you will notice.

Reduces Depression

People who have access to nature daily are usually less depressed than people who don’t go out into nature often. One of the reasons going out into nature improves mood is because you’ll get more vitamin D from the sun. Low blood levels of vitamin D can cause a whole host of problems including depressive symptoms.

Heightened Senses

Studies show that spending just 20 minutes a day in nature, walking, sitting in a park, sitting on a beach will make you feel alive because all your senses become ignited. Nature is literally fuel for your soul like gas or electricity is fuel for your car. You need it, and you’ll notice when you aren’t spending enough time in nature.

Improves Creativity

Because you’re less depressed and have heightened senses your creativity will also be increased. Whenever you feel uninspired, get outside and take a short walk. You’ll be amazed at how many ideas will flow through you when you let mother nature give you a hand. The scents in the air, the feeling of the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair will do wonders for any type of creativity you want to engage in.

Improves Relationships

One reason dating shows try to get people outside in nature is because of studies proving that being in nature with your friends and family essentially multiplies the feelings of love that you share. Babies often become calmer, happier, and more compliant. Loved ones want to hold hands, and cuddle, and friends tend to talk more when in nature. If you want better relationships, get outside.

Get Sick Less & Heal Faster

There are so many studies showing that spending time in nature improves memory, restores mental clarity, and reduces stress. All of which combine to create a powerful way to improve your health. When you reduce stress, you have fewer issues with high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. When you are out in the fresh air and the sunshine it acts as a sanitizer for germs, that’s why people get sicker during the times they’re shut indoors.

There are numerous studies that show that getting back to nature is not just beneficial but an absolute requirement to ensure health and happiness in all human beings. Find a way to spend at least 20 minutes a day in nature and it will pay off enormously.