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What Happens When You Stop Drinking

1. You’ll Have More Money

Do you know how much you’re spending every night you go out drinking?

Have you ever added it up?

You’re probably spending $50-$100 every night that you go out. If you’re just going for dinner and you have a few beers or a bottle of wine with it, you just doubled your bill.

When you stop drinking, you’re going to have extra cash.

It’s a great feeling. Not only are you exercising some self discipline and improving your health by not drinking but now you’re saving money too.

What are you going to do with it? A nice vacation? New clothes? Invest it?

2. Better Sleep

Although alcohol is used by some as a way to help them fall asleep, alcohol actually makes it extremely difficult to have a good night’s sleep.

Alcohol reduces the amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep you’ll get that night if you’ve been drinking.

3. No More Hangovers

This is one of the best benefits of quitting alcohol. Everyone else you went out with last night is dying of a hangover and you’re feeling great. You’re full of energy.

You can wake up at 9am on a Saturday morning and go for a walk or the gym while your friends are still in an alcohol induced coma.

4. Better Skin

It won’t take long for people to start noticing how good your skin looks.

It’s another fantastic benefit of not drinking.

Your skin will become clearer in just a few weeks after you give up booze.

5. Increased Confidence

Confidence is one of the main reasons people are reluctant to give up alcohol.

They like the way alcohol makes them feel. They’re happy to talk to an attractive man or woman after they’ve had a few drinks.

The good news is, you don’t need alcohol. As much as you think you do, you don’t. Trust me.

On your first night or two out without alcohol, you might feel awkward but it won’t last long.

You’ll realize pretty quickly that you can have just as much fun and be just as confident without alcohol.

6. More Energy

After a few weeks without alcohol, you’ll notice your energy levels increasing.

Your mind will become clearer and you might even find that your vision has improved too.

I’ve also found that I wake up earlier naturally since giving up alcohol.

I wake up with energy and feeling more refreshed.

7. Improved Health

Your overall health with improve after just a month or two without alcohol.

Your liver will began to heal itself.

Your whole body will feel the difference in a few weeks.

8. Lower Your Risk of Disease

Everyone can acknowledge the dangers of smoking but not nearly as many people know how dangerous alcohol is to your body.

Just because alcohol is legal and everyone has a few drinks every weekend doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

Alcohol can cause a range of cancers and the complications from drinking are not limited to your liver.

Give It A Try

Giving up alcohol for a month is a great way to give your body a break. Just do 30 days.

You don’t have to give up drinking for life but you might be surprised how your relationship with alcohol changes.

You’ll probably become more mindful of how much and how often you’re drinking.

You might decide to stop drinking at home or to only drink on special occasions.

Give it a try for 30 days.