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1. Affirmations

What you say to yourself counts for a lot so why not start speaking to yourself in a positive and empowering way?

I write out my affirmations on index cards and read them aloud every morning and evening.

Affirmations That Will Boost Your Confidence

I am successful.

I believe in myself.

I know I can achieve anything.

Every day my confidence is growing.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

This might seem too simple but if you’ve ever been in an intimidating situation or felt incredibly shy then you know how hard it is to meet someone’s eyes and be able to maintain that eye contact without feeling the need to look away.

Try maintaining eye contact the next time you talk to a stranger.

It could be the waiter taking your order or someone stopping you on the street asking for directions.

Challenge yourself to hold their gaze.

This exercise is easy to do and it will make a huge difference in helping you build up your self esteem.

3. Good Posture

Your body language says a lot about what’s going on inside your head.

Do you slouch?

Do you look down a lot?

Try holding your shoulders back and standing tall. Walk with confidence.

Keep your chin up.

Try the Superman pose with you hands on your waist and your shoulders back, your head held high.

4. Remember Your Past Accomplishments

What have you done so far in your life that you have to be confident about?

Did you ask that girl out and she said ‘yes?’ That’s a big deal. It took a lot of courage to ask her out on a date.

Can you play an instrument? That’s an accomplishment that a lot of people will never achieve. The amount of time and effort you put into learning how to play the piano or guitar… Well done.

Did you graduate from college? Another amazing achievement to be really proud of.

What else have you done? Think about all of the things that you’ve overcome or learned how to do.

5. Meet New People

Talking to strangers is one of the best ways to build up your confidence.

If you’re wandering around the streets of an unfamiliar town, just stop the next person you see and ask for directions.

Yes, you could find what you were looking for eventually or you could pull out your phone and Google it but why pass up an opportunity to boost your self esteem?

6.Try New Things

You could also try something new, something you might be a little afraid of.

Public speaking might be too big of a challenge for a lot of people to start out with but what else can you try?

You could join a club or a local sports team.

You could join a gym and start going everyday.

You could start cooking new dishes instead of the same five or six things you always cook.

7. You’re Going To Make Mistakes and That’s Okay

If you can accept early on that you’re going to make mistakes, everything will be so much easier.

When you stop someone on the street to ask them for directions, you might stumble on your words. You might have to ask them a second time to explain where to go.

That’s okay.

If you put yourself out there and try new things, chances are that there’s going to be a few hiccups.

That’s all part of the path to building self confidence.

But when you get used to it, that feeling, that adrenaline rush… When that little bit of anxiety becomes normal, that’s when you’ve made progress.

You’re building your self esteem and confidence every time you put yourself out there and someday very soon, you’re going to be able to see the results.