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Ways to take a chance

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Can you imagine how boring life would be if you NEVER took any chances? In honor of national take a chance day we are going to talk about a couple of ways you can take a chance on yourself and life. I remember telling my mother a grand plan I had for another one of my crazy ideas and she was so worried for me! She asked over and over if I was scared and then asked “What if it doesn’t work out?” I remember grinning and looking up at her and saying “You can’t make it to third base with your foot planted on second!”. The older I have gotten the more chances I have taken and even if they didn’t work out the way I originally planned I always learned a good lesson. Here are my top ways to take a chance:

Face your fears- 

I’m a firm believer that so many choices are not made simply because of fear. Loads of opportunity is wasted and lives left at a stand still because of the hold fear can place on you. It prevents people from pursuing life long dreams, goals and can change the way you look at your surroundings. Facing the very fear can open up a tremendous amount of pathways for you and you will grow exponentially as a being.

Set goals-

I work very well under pressure but I also get very side track when working on several tasks at once. That’s why it is imperative that I set goals. Without a goal you will become complacent in your lifestyle and comfortable with not taking chances or possibly improving your life. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by not reminding yourself that realistic goal reaching does NOT happen over night. Give yourself ample time to achieve these goals and be gentle with yourself during that time.

Stand up-

When taking your life in a different direction you WILL face opposition. Unfortunately, it may be from those closest to you. While this is a hard pill to swallow it can be a blessing in disguise. During your life journey you will grow as a person and those who were in your corner before may not be “strong enough” to make it to the top with you. Make sure that during this time you not only stand up for who you are and what you believe in but also stand back up if the world knocks you down. Taking chances in life requires mental strength, a dash of self confidence and the will to make your life the best it can be.