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10 Reasons to Adopt the Essential Oil Lifestyle

Essential oils seem to be gaining notoriety recently even though they’ve been around for centuries. All across the internet people are touting the benefits of these oils claiming miraculous benefits. In recent years, essential oil companies have come to life making it easier for you to get ahold of them. But why should you?

For me, personally, essential oils have transformed my life. They were the beginning of a healthier lifestyle for me and my family and quickly become a resource for us. I want you to feel great about a decision to try essential oils; here are my top 10 Reasons you should adopt the Essential Oil Lifestyle.

  • Essential oils are all-natural. They have been used for centuries in many cultures to improve health and wellness. You don’t have to worry about bringing in harmful chemicals to your household.


  • Wellness in a bottle. These plants were given to us in nature as a way of treating many ailments and works with your body’s own chemistry. Essential oils make a great alternative to toxic chemicals that are often found with other treatments.


  • Safe for children and pets. When used properly essential oils are generally safe for your children and furry friends. That’s not always the case with other products used in the home; detergents, air fresheners, cleaners are a few examples of products that might contain harmful chemicals.


  • Easily portable. It’s convenient to be able to travel light and essential oils can easily go with you in the car, to work or play. Not only are they easy to carry but they are easy to use on the go, simply open and inhale the aroma; easiest aromatherapy out there!


  • Emotional support. Because many essential oils have properties that relieve stress and anxiety; promote peace, calm and joy; and can regulate emotion; they are a companion during times of grief. They’re like having a best friend nearby just when you need them.


  • Welcome home. Using essential oils in your home as part of your daily life makes for a welcoming environment. It’s wonderful to come home after a long work day to not only a wonderful scent but something that supports cheerfulness and calm. Friends will enjoy visiting and those that stop by will feel at ease and welcomed with open arms.


  • Saves you a ton of money. Essential oils are so versatile you can replace many of your store bought products; Cleaning supplies, beauty products, perfumes, detergents and more. There are countless DIY recipes online that’ll help you get the most of your oils.


  • Enhance beauty and confidence. Your skin will love the addition of essential oils to your beauty regimen. I guarantee it! Women tend to spend too much time focused on imperfections, essential oils will improve the look and condition of your skin and you will feel more confident in your appearance and presence. It’s another added benefit of these wonderful oils.


  • Simply put, they smell great. The aroma of essential oils trigger a specific part of the brain that is connected to smell. When this part of the brain is activated it can affect our mood in a positive way while initiating a spark in our pleasure center. Even those with a sensitive sense of smell usually appreciate the aroma of essential oils.


  • Special Occasions. Essential oils make fantastic gifts! Having oils on hand make for an appropriate gift for most any occasion. I haven’t met anyone yet that didn’t try out the oils that were given as a gift. For an added personal touch, put together a gift basket and include a homemade card with instructions or some benefits of the oils included. Always, Always make sure the oils you are using or in this case gifting, are 100% pure and of the highest quality.

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